I use the PAC collar as a lifesaver for numerous dogs each year. They are mostly sheep worriers, but I also deal occasionally with chasers of traffic and equestrians. In nearly every case the alternative is death, or more or less permanent confinement. As you know I am not a typical user in that years ago I ran kennels, including what I can only describe as a Canine Borstal! I then had a privately made, remote control collar.Now, as a sheepdog trainer and training instructor, I should really love to give up the remedial training. but where real delinquent dogs are concerned, I continue for the dogs’ sake. I consider brief use of the collar to be absolutely justified, humane and desirable, if it is to cure the dog of life or death misdemeanors.

I have to say, however, that I have reservations where it comes to unqualified and inexperienced owners having unrestricted access to the equipment. I do not like to see this collar used as a routine substitute for good, basic training methods. To ban the use of these collars totally would be a tragic mistake and numerous dogs would die as a result of such a decision.