Mrs A B

I certainly found the PAC collar extremely effective for the three weeks that I had it on hire from you, but sadly the affects wore off after a couple of months. The dog was caught worrying sheep on a number of occasions, despite severe reprimands. We still have the dog, but she has extremely limited freedom, and is never allowed out of sight when off the lead. She must now spend a certain amount of time chained up. If I could afford it, I would buy a collar. I am sure long term effects are achieved with a great number of dogs, but suspect that my dog, being an alpha bitch, is somewhat stronger-willed and more persistent than most.

I would agree with you, that these collars do need to be used in the right hands. As an example, I had to fend off pleas from my children to have a go with it. It is possible that the collar could be used as an instrument of amusement by sadistic or sick individuals. However, so could a stick! Nevertheless, rather than banning electric collars, I would recommend that they be sold at a more affordable price!