Worcestershire Dog Training Centre


Gain Knowledge, gain confidence!

Dog training

Let us get the best out of your dog,

We will first have a phone call to access your needs and that of your dog.

We can offer one to one dog training sessions to enable you to understand and develop your training, there for achieving the right approach for your dog.

Does your dog chase sheep or other livestock? If so you need to take your dog out of the firing line! This may seem a dramatic statement but every year many owners are traumatised by seeing their dogs shot by farmers as they chase after livestock. Give me hour and I can show you how to cure a dogs chasing habits for life with my ‘Anti-Livestock’ chasing lesson


The training will take place in our beautiful countryside surroundings, where there are hundreds of acres of good walks to enjoy, and for those dogs who have sheep or game chasing tendencies we also have our own sheep and game pen.

some of our rams ready for training sessions

From the working dog to the pet pooch we are here to help you get the most out of your canine relationship.

If you are traveling a distance why not take a few days and explore the Cotswolds, visit Stratford and Warwick Castle or walk on the Malvern Hills, it doesn’t need to be a trip just for the dog but also a break for you.

we are always just a phone call away.

For further information or to book your place call Sue on 01386 554880

or email suemreeves@outlook.com