Dog training with a PAC Collars system

Thousands of dogs’ lives have been saved, and tens of thousands more dogs now enjoy a quality of life and freedom improved beyond all recognition due to the successful use of PAC Electronic Dog Training and PAC Electric Fence Systems. At the same time, the use of PAC collars has resulted in an enormous reduction in heartache and frustration for their owners and trainers.

Furthermore the use of PAC dog training systems has also prevented countless situations where dogs might otherwise have killed or painfully maimed other creatures, for example, sheep, deer and chickens.

An out of control dog is a danger to himself, a menace to others and a huge liability to his owner. Not only is he at risk of getting shot or run over, but he could also cause accidents that, at worst, can be fatal. A dog that just cannot be trusted, or that is persistently disobedient, unruly, or plain anti-social, despite hours, days, weeks or months of attempted conventional training, is a threat to his own longevity. Thus he becomes a prisoner to the house or yard; and, if he is lucky enough to get ‘exercised’, he will also be a lifelong prisoner to the lead. That is no life for your dog and no fun for you.

If your dog is driving you to distraction… and driving himself to an early demise through sheep chasing, deer hunting or harassing any other animal several fields or gardens away – or simply being a nuisance to others in the park, then the PAC Remote Trainer should enable you to discourage him, quickly and for all time.

Beside its obvious advantages to owners of miscreant pets, the Advanced Series also brings new dimensions to farmers and to field-sports enthusiasts whose dogs are often working (and possibly misbehaving) at greater distances. Although  we do not normally recommend correction at ultra long distances, if you can still see your dog half a mile (800 metres) or more away, or if he can still hear your voice- or whistle-commands, then the PAC Remote Trainer can extend your sphere of influence and control with confidence whatever the terrain.  Indeed, the level of correction will always be faithfully reproduced, whether it needs to be a mild ‘pins and needles’ sensation for minor disobedience problems – or a more appropriately powerful deterrent against life-threatening or anti-social behaviour, the distance between the trainer and the dog will not affect the required correction strength.

PAC Remote Dog Trainer is a wonderful aid to training where conventional methods have failed, but it is not intended either as a short cut to conventional training or an excuse for poor or shoddy training. It must also be stressed that it is a training aid – not a punishment tool. Furthermore, the unit is not itself a trainer. That responsibility lies in your hands.