PAC EXC7 Vibrate Collar for ALL NDXT Systems (Collar fully Waterproof Rechargeable Durable) 2hr USB fast charge


Vibrate collar for PAC nDXT+ Training systems.

Product Description

Pacdog EXC7 Vibrate Collar for ALL NDXT Systems  is for  all nDXT Training systems. please note this supersedes exc1 exc2 exc3 and has

Additional collar for PAC nDXT and EXT Training systems with Tone/Vibration pre-warning.

comes with Usb charging lead

Fast Recharging only 2 hours
Double the Battery Life of the EXC3

EXT Range Digital Remote Trainers

With the new EXT range of digital remote trainers, incorporating UHF radio technology, PAC has advanced even further to give yet higher reliability and longer reach than ever before. PAC thus retains the leadership in this specialist field of Dog Control systems. The handler’s ability to communicate with one or more dogs at greater distances will give him the added confidence to enable even greater freedom from the lead in both urban and rural environments, whether your dog’s original problem was his disobedience to recall, or his anti-social or life-threatening activities.

Long range control – at well over 1 mile range on ideal terrain
Up to 2 days continuous use from high capacity, long-life, rechargeable collar batteries
Correction styles and levels are fully controlled from the handset, which may be tailored by the user to three different preset characteristics for each dog, to cater precisely for his individual temperament and training requirements
Correction styles include tone warning; momentary, single-pulse stimulation; the more urgent continuous-pulsing; … and even the specialist requirement for continuous-smooth stimulation (used in the more obscure avoidance technique)
Automatic style override to cater for unexpected, emergency situation
Ease of operation enables the trainer to concentrate on the training of his dog; indeed such is the simplicity of operation, that the trainer may individually address and control up to six different dogs in a single session
The miniaturised nature of UHF technology enables top-end control on smaller collars, even for large dogs
Timer controlled Charging Dock for no fuss, collar battery recharging, and negligible running costs
Ideal for all types of persistent problems:-
Pets running off and being willfully ‘deaf’ to recall
Worrying of farm stock, chasing deer, horses, cats and other animals
Chasing cars, joggers, cyclists, postmen etc.
Jumping up and/or stealing food
Sheepdogs ‘gripping’ sheep when conveniently far away
Gun dogs running in, ranging too far or being over-enthusiastic

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