Debbie C

I am writing to thank you and your product for changing my life! When my husband said “its me or the dog” I knew I had to do something about our beautiful young beagle who preferred to spend her walks along way from us and was often returned to me by an exasperated dog owner or kind walker. The final straw came when she was almost killed on a main road and could easily have caused an accident had the traffic conditions been different. I initially approached a local dog trainer who informed me that my beagle could not be trained and I should either walk her tied to my other dog or lead walk her, neither options were satisfactory. I researched your product and spoke to various members of your staff whom were all very kind and informative, I spoke to my vet who was also helpful. I looked at both for and against arguments but came to the conclusion having tried everything and despite having already a beautiful behaved Vizsla whom I had trained from pup with the aid of a whistle and treats, that this was a breed problem which I was not going to overcome without help.

Six months on, I can walk anywhere with my beagle off the lead, she enjoys long free running walks with my other dog and is exhausted and happy at the end of the day. In truth I think I only used the ‘buzz’ button at the most ten times , she very quickly learnt to respond to the bleep sound and now wears the dummy collar for many of her walks. People often comment how excellent her recall is. I cannot endorse your product enough and for those who would say “its cruel” my personal view is I think it far crueler to have a dog that is always lead walked and runs the risk of being injured or killed or killing others should it stray onto a road. For a responsible dog owner this is an excellent training device.