Frequently Asked Questions

Here at PAC electronic dog training systems we pride ourselves on having the best installation and instruction manuals available for these type of dog training products. If purchasing a PAC dog training product please store the training manuals carefully for future reference. Below are some of the more common questions asked about our electronic dog training systems, which we address here and in the printed electronic dog trainer manuals.

The collar is not responding to the handset


A. check battery status on both. If ok then:
B. check antenna on handset (remove and press trigger beside collar, collar should respond. If so antenna is damaged, order a new one from PAC.
C. collar is working ok, then make sure you are not using the handset and collar in an area with many metal buildings or metal railings are present.
D. collar is not placed snugly enough on dog. One finger should separate probes from coat. Ensure long-haired breed probes are fitted for those breeds
E. Collar needs to be reset. Touch handset contact area to collar contact area: wait for LED on collar to turn to orange. Then press trigger button, LED should flash green.

My dog is responding to the collar even away from fence area


Ensure boundary loop is not laid parallel to metal pipes or wires, even those underground. If in doubt, use a metal detector to locate them before laying the fence.

My dog is not responding to collar and ignores the fence


a. collar batteries are depleted: recharge
b. control unit is removed from mains: check
c. collar not fitting snugly enough: One finger should separate probes from coat. Ensure long-haired breed probes are fitted for those breeds.
d. Collar needs to be reset outside of active zone. Use magnet on recharging leads to reset collar.
e. Boundary Loop is buried too deeply: ensure it is not more than 10cm (4 in) below ground).
f. Boundary Loop is connected to wrong connector on Control Unit. Ensure 500m+ loops are connected to the 500m+ connector, and the return section to the earth connector.

The collar is activating when I bring it near the fence control unit:


Ensure boundar loop is braided at least once per 3 cm for the last 60 cm before it enters the Control Unit. This cancels the signal and hence prevents the collar from activating.

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