Video Training

NDXT: How to Reset an NDXT PAC Training System

PAC Collar: How to use a PAC Dog Training Collar

This video demonstrates the correct way to use a PAC dog training collar, showing how to train your dog correctly and simply.

nDXT+ dog training system

The features of the PAC nDXT+ dog training system.

NDXT / NDXT+ : Swapping between Single and Multi-dog modes

In this video,we will show you how to swap the PAC NDXT+ and PAC NDXT dog training systems into multi and single dog modes

PAC Dog BC12 Rechargeable Anti-bark Collar With Vibrate

Learn how to use the new Pacdog BC12 Anti Bark dog training system.

PAC Dog EXT Dog Training System

Learn how to use the Pacdog EXT Remote Training System.

PAC Ndxt dog training system at a glance

The features of the PAC nDXT dog training system.

DXT dog training system

The features of the PAC DXT dog training range.

Fitting a PAC training collar

How to correctly fit a PAC training collar.

PAC NDXT+ Swapping between Warning Tone & Vibrate modes

How to swap between Warning Tone & Virbate on the PAC NDXT+ dog training system.