Dog training sessions


Many owners set out on a country walk, their dog happily trotting in front sniffing and enjoying the freedom and exercise of yet another satisfying walk, the sun is shining and all is well with the world, that is until they turn the corner!. What was once a happy go lucky pooch with a ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ attitude sinks to the floor, ears pricked body quivering, he starts creeping forward slowly at first, his eyes fixed and unwavering, moving quicker now his target in his sights, he is deaf to the world nothing else exists except ………..the sheep! The owner is frantic screaming at the dog, they’re running desperately trying to catch up, knowing there is no possible chance to do so, the owner is forced to watch the distressing horrific scene unfold before them.

The aftermath of this all too familiar event is just as traumatic, the owner then has to face the rightly furious farmer who is legally within his rights to shoot the dog or ask for it to be put down. So what are the options.

Firstly dogs must always be kept on the lead when there is livestock around, and the footpath should be adhered to and not strayed off. But this doesn’t help those moments when the dog has pushed through hedges unseen by the owner or flushed game and is in full flight in a second. This is where we  can help please call us on

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