Jo and Pepper

Perfect Pepper

Pepper is a reformed character. I have just had the most enjoyable hour long walk along a busy river walkway. We have not taken her there for months. Today she came whenever called, stopped chasing pigeons (WOW), sat down when bikes came, actually gave back the ball so I could re-throw it, came back from the swim when called, came away from the gaggle of 13 dogs with their 3 walkers (! nice work if you can get it) and let me put her back on the lead at the end. None of which could be accomplished previously without much effort and frustration, (or not at all) .

Comments from other dog walkers like “I wish mine would do that!”

Zaps: nil.
Vibrates: one at the very start
Treats, clicks, praise: regular
Dog: happy, wet, exhausted
Mum: unstressed, back inside allotted time

She is actually far more unnerved by the vibrate than the shock, and comes back to us for reassurance. It’s very funny how she jumps back and inspects the ground where she was when it happened. Thank you so much, especially for all the hand holding. My lovely little dog is a joy again. Job done. PAC has another avid supporter