Julie C

I just wanted to say a big ‘THANK YOU’ to the chap at this years CLA game fair at Blenheim. He listened to the problems we were having with our Golden Retriever and without hesitation, told us you had what we needed. Our dog would chase and try to nip joggers, cyclists and walkers, and if he saw them before we did, there was no getting him back and no telling what he might do. As a result, he had to stay on the lead which was frustrating for us all, and not at all pleasurable. Dog walking had never been so stressful  After one training session, and 3 zaps, he has become a pleasure to walk. He’s always off the lead now and responds to either just a voice command or at most the tone. Very rarely does he need to be zapped now. He was close to being given up because we just couldn’t cope anymore, but the nDXT has changed everything for the better. He’s now a fantastic dog. We have spent a fortune on behavioral experts and training, but this was the best money ever spent. So, Cooper would like to say ‘thank you’ too.