Mr J R

When we purchased the PAC Remote Training Collar from you last year, you spent considerable time to convey a thorough understanding of the product in itself, and the correct procedure on how to use the device safely, so as not to cause any distress to our pet. Needless to say, since we have been in possession of the Remote Training Collar, it has efficiently demonstrated to us the ultimate manner to correct and control our dog. Beforehand he was just continually a hazard both to himself and to others – animals and humans alike.

We have had him from 8 weeks old, and he soon became quite large, with a huge amount of energy to use up every day. As he is a GSD X Labrador X Lurcher, you may be aware of the size and speed this entails, as well as being extremely nervous and excitable. After using every other possible means to deter him from chasing ponies, joggers, cows and any other moving object, to no avail, the final straw was after causing a stampede of cattle running haphazardly between bewildered motorists on a busy New Forest road. The dog had previously been kicked several times by ponies, luckily escaping a fatal disaster. But not even did this deter him from pursuing them on every occasion.

We found the Remote Training Collar an almost immediate solution. At first he was quite taken aback, but stubbornly continued to harass his objective. But by increasing gradually the intensity, without any excessive distress to him, we were able to find the level required to catch his attention, and he soon associated a level of discomfort with the chasing of his targeted quarry.

Within a week we were satisfied and relaxed about letting him off his lead during his walk around the forest, without worrying about his next act. Within a month our dog had become happier, he now stays, sits and responds to verbal commands. In fact, it is very rare we have to resort to using the collar even though admittedly he still wears it when off the lead, mainly for our peace of mind, just in case

He has since been castrated, we spend and have spent lots of money on his welfare and endeavour to be responsible for our pet at all times. We were very distressed having to keep him on a lead for all walks, but fortunately this is now all in the past, thanks to PAC.

Many, many people have stopped and questioned us about the collar they saw he was wearing. At all times we have responded correctly. I would hasten to say that the majority of people would appear very much in favour of its use, as they also can relate to some degree of bad behaviour from their dogs and often spend some time telling me all about it. Only once has someone asked if it actually “hurts” the dog, to which my reply was “Not as much as being kicked by a pony and being seriously injured”.

If, therefore, the RSPCA and the NCDL do indeed have the welfare of dogs at he art , which I am sure they do, then perhaps before taking a hasty view of the cruelty factors which this collar could cause in the “wrong hands”, they should consider the long term effect it has on a dog’s lifestyle. In all honesty, if we had not have discovered the PAC Remote Training Collar when we did, then I am almost sure that today we would not have our pet dog as he would either have been killed by another animal or car or worse still, we would have had to let him go because of the problems he was causing, in turn, passing the problem on to somebody else and so on.

In all fairness, all bad behaviour needs correcting, whether it be a child, adult or animal but some people and societies rather than seeing the need to correct it, prefer to defend it, hence creating ignorance and confusion as to right and wrong. Of course, this is only my opinion but trust it is shared by many others too.

I trust the above will be of assistance to you and once again, thank you for your fine product that has proved so successful to both my family and myself.